WordPress 6.3 Released

August 8, 2023: WordPress 6.3 is now out.

The changes from 6.2 to 6.3 impact some sites I am working on because I’m upgrading them from a classic theme to a “full site editor” block theme.

If you are a client and haven’t been contacted by email, text or phone, your site is a classic theme still and shouldn’t be impacted by the changes.

Full backups will be made of your site before the upgrade to 6.3 is applied.

Additions available to all users:

  • New Footnote & Details Blocks (an accordion dropdown without a plugin)
  • Improved Padding & Margin Controls
  • Better Handling of Image Aspect Ratios
    • Square
    • Standard
    • Portrait
    • Classic
    • Classic Portrait
    • Wide
    • Tall
  • Color and Layout support for Cover Block similar to Grouped blocks with additional controls
  • Link Control now allows you to add a page within the link control tool. Note: The toggle to open a link in a new tab is unavailable when adding a link but ‘Advanced’ setting will be available to add it if you edit it.

WordPress is also working towards implementation of real-time collaborating. It’s a bit unclear what the expected date is that this will be available.

This is a list of what’s planned for Phase 3 (not included in WP 6.3):…/03/24/phase-3-collaboration/

WP planned release date for 6.4 is currently Nov 2023 which will likely include some of the things listed out of Phase 3 (but may not be the complete list in Nov.)