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Typical design process with Fascination Design:

Existing brand assets collected by potential client & sent. Website, brochures, business cards. Anything you currently use even if you’re not happy with it. It can be a photo taken with your smart phone if you don’t have the files.

Discovery Meeting This “getting to know you” meeting is on the house and usually lasts 15-45 minutes. It covers a basic review of:

  • project parameters
  • project goals / objectives & key results
  • timelines
  • budgets if already defined
  • key stakeholders
  • and all of the little details about your exact project & expectations.

IF the project is larger and would require a more extensive discovery phase and research component, this would be outlined in the project sheet and pricing estimate.

Project Sheet with pricing estimates Outlines all parts of the project covered and sets expectations of the remaining process depending on project scope. Website processes are different from branding or marketing. Pricing is usually a range based on expected number of hours and the project sheet will cover what exactly is part of the contract.

Down-payment & Work begins. Down-payments are usually 50% of the low end of the project estimate unless it’s a larger / longer project with milestones. In those instances it may be a 1/3 down and then milestone payments.

Milestones as outlined in the project sheet if applicable.

Project wrap-up.

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